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Let Dr. Doug Welpton help you improve your life and your relationships.

I help people change their lives. I am a Licensed physician and a Board certified psychiatrist.  I am trained and certified to counsel individuals, couples, and families.

My forty plus years in counseling enable me to get to the heart of your problem quickly to help you bring about the change you want.  I combine my experience and knowledge with caring.  My goal is to understand each person who comes to me in order to help you with your unique concerns.

I offer my services on a fee-for-services basis. I do not take insurance. Health insurance will pay for treatment of a mental illness, but many people come to see a counselor for reasons other than a mental illness. Furthermore, the diagnosis of a mental illness can follow a person long after the problem has been resolved. That is why I believe that a fee-for-services arrangement offers you the best value for your money. You, not an insurance corporation, chose your therapist. You can get an appointment quickly, usually within the week you call, without needing to get permission from a third party. You, not someone who does not know you, determine how many sessions you want to see a counselor. And you are in charge of your treatment, so you set the goals.

Your record is private; it is not electronic or accessible through the internet. Your information can be shared only when you give me permission and sign a release of your record.
I set my fees based on my training and years of experience. You may discuss your fee and any special circumstances with me. I accept cash or checks.  PayPal payment costs an added 3%.

I am a graduate of Harvard Medical School and Stanford University.  I completed my Residency training in Psychiatry at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and the Beth Israel Hospital both in Boston.  I am a psychoanalyst and graduate of the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute.  I trained in family therapy in a fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda. I personally trained  and am certified in Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples and Singles with Harville Hendrix,  in Codependence counseling with Pia Mellody, and in Voice Dialog therapy with Hal & Sidra Stone.

Contact me on my landline at 727-442-9098 or by phone or text on my cell at 727-641-2859.

You can email me at