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Happiness is a Choice, Just Ask Marcie & Titus

29 March 2016 2 Comments

Marcie Monkey hadn’t been happy for months,

She and her husband, Titus Turtle, sought help,

Together they consulted Ollie Owl, the respected healer,

“How can I help you?” Ollie asked

“I can’t make Marcie happy,” Titus’s eyes moistened

“Nothing I do cheers her up.”

Marcie nodded, both sides of her mouth turned down,

She sat still in her chair, not like her vibrant self,

“I do everything I know how,” said Titus

“The harder I try, the unhappier she gets,”

Ollie sat forward looking eye to eye with Titus

“It’s not your job to make Marcie happy,” he said

“You can’t make anyone happy except yourself,

“Happiness is a choice each of us makes,

“Many people base their happiness on their accomplishments,

“The secret is to be happy regardless of conditions or circumstances,

“Make up your mind to be happy no matter what.”

“But I’m Marcie’s husband,” protested Titus,

“Shouldn’t I be able to cheer her up?”

“You can’t fix her,” Ollie responded, “even though you love her.”

Once home, Titus tried a few more fixes, then gave up,

To his surprise, Marcie’s mood lifted and her smile returned,

She grew happier day by day, livelier in a week,

When they next visited Ollie, Titus said,

“You were right to tell me to back off,

“The less I try to make Marcie happy, the happier she gets,

Last week she said she even loves me more!” Titus smiled

“And why is that?” inquired Ollie,

“When he wants to fix me I know he means well,” said Marcie

But I resent his trying to control me”

“Is there anything else he’s done,” asked Ollie

“He listens to me with his full attention,

“He understands what I think and feel,

“He trusts me to take charge of my moods,

I now feel more loved than ever.”

She jumped up and danced on Titus’ shell,

Titus and Marcie embraced each other.


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