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Just When You Thought It Wouldn’t Happen

28 March 2012 No Comment

Is the Law of Attraction Paradoxical?

Have you ever given up hoping for something you wanted to happen only to have it happen? Were you delighted and surprised? I have been when this happened to me. What bothered me, however, was that I couldn’t figure out why it did happen. If the Law of Attraction worked the way I thought it would, why would it happen in this paradoxical way? I am sure this same question has been asked by other people.
Recently a couple I know became pregnant and gave birth to a child. It had all happened just after they gave up trying to conceive. They had resigned themselves to never having a child. Next thing they knew the wife was pregnant!
Another couple I know had given up on their relationship within their first year of marriage. They had come together out of enjoying each other and having fun together. Now, they were experiencing no fun. Their life had become dull. They had resigned themselves to getting a divorce, having given up on ever having fun together again.
Over the years I have had many people tell me they found the partner they married just after they had given up looking, believing they would never find that right person after so much time spent searching to no avail.
Let me explain to you what I believe happens in these instances where we paradoxically get what we want when we have given up hoping for it.
It is my observation and experience that we create our lives through our beliefs, both positive and negative. Our beliefs begin with our thoughts. When we reinforce a thought over and over again it becomes a belief. These beliefs are the mindsets we carry in our hearts and souls. They determine our image of ourselves and what happens in our lives.
Like many people I have at times been completely unaware of my negative thoughts and the power of my negative beliefs. When I have wanted something very intensely I have often subconsciously feared, and consequently believed, that I would not get it. I have observed that many people have fears like this about things they want.
I want to emphasize that I harbored this fear–that I would not get what I wanted—in my subconscious mind. It was not a conscious belief and I was not aware of it. The power of my fear was clearly stronger than my wish. The Law of Attraction does not work based on what is best for us; it brings to us what we feel and believe most strongly including our fears.
When I finally came to the decision that what I wanted was not going to happen my subconscious mind let go of my powerful fear that it wouldn’t happen. The result: it did happen because my small, remaining conscious hope that it still might happen now outweighed my released fear that it wouldn’t. The Law of Attraction now brought to me my hope instead of my fear. I have witnessed this process at work for me, my family, my friends, and my clients in becoming prosperous, finding spouses, conceiving a child, reconciling in a marriage, and recovering from a serious illness.
When these dramatic events occur, like becoming pregnant against all odds or recovering from cancer, we call them miracles. Albert Einstein said there two ways you can go through life: either nothing is a miracle, or everything is a miracle. A miracle is what we call an event that occurs on the physical plane through an invisible spiritual process. Because we cannot see the spiritual process, which is not visible on the material plane, we call the event a miracle when it manifests.
When you consciously give up something you want to happen you may be letting go of the subconscious and stronger belief that it won’t happen. An important way you can align yourself with the Law of Attraction is to be aware of your negative thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets. To take responsibility for these limiting beliefs requires that you become aware of your subconscious beliefs rather than blame fate or other people. It may feel better to blame someone else, but you give away all your power with your blame. To change a belief or mindset you must own it. You are empowered when you do. You are now working with the Law of Attraction. When you do–life, love, and God triumph again!

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