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[16 Jan 2010 | 13 Comments | ]

Cheating is a symptom that something is missing. Usually the unfaithful partner is feeling: 1) the loss of romance,sex,& excitement. It is easier to fall in love than to stay in love; 2) the lack of connection and communication including the difficulty discussing touchy subjects like money, sex, & in-laws causing emotional distance between partners; 3) wavering self-acceptance and self-esteem causing the unfaithful partner to seek approval, admiration, and esteem from other people. The unfaithful partner may feel superior or inferior to others, neither of which is reliable self-esteem. Affairs …

Relationship Advice »

[9 Jul 2009 | 28 Comments | ]

For many people sexual infidelity is the ultimate betrayal.  Financial infidelity or cheating with money– in which one spouse spends the couples’ joint money without telling the other– is every bit as dishonest.  You are being betrayed through money.   Many therapists and lawyers observe it is even more difficult to recover from financial infidelity than sexual infidelity.   Your spouse is spending money that also belongs to you.  The challenge to restore your trust is every bit as difficult as it is with sexual infidelity. You also are faced with …