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[29 Mar 2016 | 2 Comments | ]

Marcie Monkey hadn’t been happy for months,
She and her husband, Titus Turtle, sought help,
Together they consulted Ollie Owl, the respected healer,
“How can I help you?” Ollie asked
“I can’t make Marcie happy,” Titus’s eyes moistened
“Nothing I do cheers her up.”
Marcie nodded, both sides of her mouth turned down,
She sat still in her chair, not like her vibrant self,
“I do everything I know how,” said Titus
“The harder I try, the unhappier she gets,”
Ollie sat forward looking eye to eye with Titus
“It’s not your job to make Marcie happy,” he said
“You can’t make …

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[26 Feb 2016 | No Comment | ]

A lively monkey and a quiet turtle fell deeply in love and married
Marcie Monkey respected her turtle for being calm, cool, and collected
Titus Turtle adored his monkey for her exuberance and excitement
In time, Marcie complained her turtle didn’t share his feelings
Titus prayed his talkative monkey would restrain herself
Both blamed their partner for the problems in their marriage
Marcie suggested Titus learn to dance and be more talkative
Titus chided Marcie for expressing her every feeling
He wanted to fix her “problem” of having strong emotions
Marcie wanted more sharing from her subdued turtle
Titus sought peace and …