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The Marriage of Marcie Monkey and Titus Turtle

26 February 2016 No Comment

A lively monkey and a quiet turtle fell deeply in love and married

Marcie Monkey respected her turtle for being calm, cool, and collected

Titus Turtle adored his monkey for her exuberance and excitement

In time, Marcie complained her turtle didn’t share his feelings

Titus prayed his talkative monkey would restrain herself

Both blamed their partner for the problems in their marriage

Marcie suggested Titus learn to dance and be more talkative

Titus chided Marcie for expressing her every feeling

He wanted to fix her “problem” of having strong emotions

Marcie wanted more sharing from her subdued turtle

Titus sought peace and harmony from his monkey

Desperate, Marcie began to bang on the top of Titus’s shell

Titus recoiled his head deeper into his sanctuary

Exasperated, Marcie insisted they consult Ollie the Owl

The wise counselor observed that opposites often attract

Each frustrated spouse insisted Ollie change the other

Ollie explained they each must change themselves

When you change yourself, he said, you will change your marriage

Ollie encouraged Marcie to speak more calmly

He advised Titus to express himself and listen carefully

Quieter, Marcie was surprised when Titus spoke up

Titus discovered that Marcie felt he cared when he shared himself

Marcie’s attraction grew when her turtle opened his ears

Titus glowed from learning the joy of sharing with his monkey

The secret to success, Ollie said, is listening with empathy

He praised them both for being willing to change themselves

Titus listened to Marcie without judgments or criticisms

Marcie shared her feelings without nagging or complaining

Both stopped the blaming, which had undercut their marriage

In appreciating each other, Marcie and Titus rekindled their love

Each having grown, they lived happily ever after.

©Doug Welpton, M.D


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