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I am Dr. Doug. I help people change their lives. The simple truth is: no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. My success with the people I counsel comes from my caring combined with my knowledge.

I am a graduate of Harvard Medical School and Stanford University. I am trained and Board certified as a physician, a psychiatrist, an individual and couples therapist, and a family therapist. For more than forty years I have been highly successful helping people with problems like relationships that aren’t working, failing marriages, anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug problems, attention deficit, loss and grief among others. I published the book Attract Love, Intimacy and Money and I have a medical license in Florida and in Massachusetts.

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and Los Angeles, California. I practiced psychiatry in Boston until I moved to Florida in 2005. I have been married for 31 years. We have four children and six grandchildren in our reconstituted family.

You can find me on Google Plus: Dr Doug Welpton

To schedule an appointment phone me at 727-442-9098 (landline) or text me at 727-641-2859 (my cell).

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Introduction to ‘Attract Love, Intimacy & Money’
I have written this book to help you create what you long for in your life and your relationships. Through decades of study and experience I have developed an awareness and knowledge of principles that can enable you to fulfill your greatest dreams. When you understand and work with these principles, you can achieve what you want in your life. Without this information, you can waste a lot of precious time and energy and be far less likely to create the life you want. This book can help …

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Marcie Monkey wasn’t happy
She and her husband, Titus Turtle, sought help
They consulted Ollie Owl, respected as a healer
“How can I help you?” Ollie asked
“I can’t make Marcie happy,” Titus’s eyes moistened
“Nothing I do cheers her up.”
Marcie nodded, both sides of her mouth turned down
“I do everything I can,” said Titus
“The harder I try, the unhappier she gets”
Ollie sat forward looking eye to eye with Titus
“It’s not your job to make Marcie happy,” he said
“Abraham Lincoln wisely observed,
‘Most people are as happy as they make up our minds to be’
We choose …

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His manner gentle
His eyes tender
His smile approving
His heart forgiving
His acceptance unbounded
His healing miraculous
His caring unfathomable
He is humble
We are prideful
Our hearts are hardened
We pass judgment
We feel superior
We exclude others
We crave possessions
We die for wealth
We worship power
He heals the broken
He empathizes with sinners
He practices forgiveness
We can’t accept His love
Believe we don’t deserve it
Like Judas we refute it
Guilted by unrequited love
We betray Him who loves us
We’re forgiven seventy times seven
Like Peter we’re weak
Deny we know or follow Jesus
We can’t stand His vulnerability
He accepts death to save us
He is the sacrificial Lamb
He …

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A lively monkey and a quiet turtle fell deeply in love and married
Marcie Monkey respected her turtle for being calm, cool, and collected
Titus Turtle adored his monkey for her exuberance and excitement
In time, Marcie complained her turtle didn’t share his feelings
Titus prayed his talkative monkey would restrain herself
Both blamed their partner for the problems in their marriage
Marcie suggested Titus learn to dance and be more talkative
Titus chided Marcie for exploring her feelings
He wanted to fix her “problem” of having strong emotions
Marcie wanted more sharing with her subdued turtle
Titus sought peace …