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I am Dr. Doug. I help people change their lives. The simple truth is: no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. My success with the people I counsel comes from my caring combined with my knowledge.

I am a graduate of Harvard Medical School and Stanford University. I am trained and Board certified as a physician, a psychiatrist, an individual and couples therapist, and a family therapist. For more than forty years I have been highly successful helping people with problems like relationships that aren’t working, failing marriages, anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug problems, attention deficit, loss and grief among others. I published the book Attract Love, Intimacy and Money and I have a medical license in Florida and in Massachusetts.

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and Los Angeles, California. I practiced psychiatry in Boston until I moved to Florida in 2005. I have been married for 31 years. We have four children and six grandchildren in our reconstituted family.

You can find me on Google Plus: Dr Doug Welpton

To schedule an appointment phone me at 727-442-9098 (landline) or text me at 727-641-2859 (my cell).

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Tom had a look of despair; there was no life in his eyes.   He appeared at my office. His beard was unkempt and his unruly brown hair hung down to his shoulders.  His friend Mike had counseled with me and told Tom to see me.
I motioned toward the blue sofa.  “Make yourself comfortable.”
“You’ve got a lot of books,” he said nodding toward the bookcase built into one wall in my office.  “Have you read all those?”
“I’ve had lots of years to read.” I chuckled.
He shifted his position like he was trying to get comfortable.  …

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King Theo was troubled.   He had just conquered the invaders who tried to plunder his kingdom because it was renowned for its riches.  The king cut a majestic figure with flowing black hair and a close-cropped dark beard sitting astride Zeus, his formidable white stallion. His army followed him faithfully, believing he was invincible.  Having defeated the pillagers, he focused his attention on his kingdom.
King Theo was idealistic. He took his position very seriously. He was distressed that in his prosperous kingdom some of his people were poor while others …

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“We don’t have fun like we used to.  Duhhh! We’re married.”

Jennifer phoned me.  She said her marriage was in serious trouble. She asked for an appointment for her husband and herself as soon as possible.  I saw them later that day.  I shook hands with Jennifer and Carl and motioned them toward the blue sofa in my office.  They sat down more than an arm’s length apart. Carl had intense blue eyes and a restrained smile. Jennifer was a beautician with large brown eyes and swept back auburn hair. Both …

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Joan’s Cape Cod cottage was nearly finished.  This second home fulfilled her dream.  Joan longed to retire to this cozy cottage at the end of her Information Technology career.  She grew more excited every day as her new home approached completion.
There was a problem, however.  Her mother was coming to see the cottage.   Joan was pleased that her mother was taking the trouble to drive several hundred miles to see her new home.  At the same time she dreaded that her mother would find something wrong with her cottage. 
“My …