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[3 Feb 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

I am Dr. Doug. I help people change their lives. The simple truth is: no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. My success with the people I counsel comes from my caring combined with my knowledge.

I am a graduate of Harvard Medical School and Stanford University. I am trained and Board certified as a physician, a psychiatrist, an individual and couples therapist, and a family therapist. For more than forty years I have been highly successful helping people with problems like relationships that aren’t working, failing marriages, anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug problems, attention deficit, loss and grief among others. I published the book Attract Love, Intimacy and Money and I have a medical license in Florida and in Massachusetts.

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and Los Angeles, California. I practiced psychiatry in Boston until I moved to Florida in 2005. I have been married for 31 years. We have four children and six grandchildren in our reconstituted family.

You can find me on Google Plus: Dr Doug Welpton

To schedule an appointment phone me at 727-442-9098 (landline) or text me at 727-641-2859 (my cell).

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[9 Feb 2017 | No Comment | ]

I feel sorry for myself
I blame you for hurting me
I feel no guilt
I’m a victim
People identify with me
Feel sorry for me, even pity me
I relish their sympathy
But..I feel helpless
I’ve surrendered my power
Given you the control
Only you can change our situation
I feel worth-less like a nobody
I lose my self-respect
That’s too high price to pay!
My blaming finger points at you
My three bottom fingers back at me
Telling me I’m accountable
I stop the blame game
I accept responsibility
For everything I’ve said and done
Even what I’ve thought and felt
I now accept my guilt and shame
I embrace my errors
I …

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[1 Feb 2017 | No Comment | ]

 “We have to talk,” she says,
I hear: “You need to listen to me,”
She has no problem talking,
I have a problem listening,
I’m used to sounding off,
I relish sharing my thoughts,
Listening is a challenge,
To open my ears and my heart,
To accept opinions other than my own,
How dare she be different from me!
Have her own thoughts and feelings!
My Father whispers to me:
“You can’t listen your way into trouble,
To listen is to Love.”
©Dr. Doug Welpton

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[12 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]

Life is what we make it:
Fearful, we live with anxiety in Hell,
Loving, we live with joy in Heaven,
Moment by moment we choose.      

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[7 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]

I’m a shining bell
My perfection protects me
Nothing can penetrate
My inside is pitch black
My shell gets cracked
Brokenness opens me
I’m no longer perfect
Light enters the crack
I become enlightened
My heart swells
My ears open
I see with new eyes
My mind expands
My ignorance lessens
I see myself in others
I’m no longer superior
I help brothers and sisters
Broken together
We grow as one.