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[24 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]

You cannot do anything
That contradicts your self-image,
Henry Ford observed:
“If you think you can, you can
If you think you can’t, you can’t
Either way you’re right.”
Be bold: do what you would do
If you knew you could not fail.
@Dr. Doug Welpton

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[14 Sep 2014 | No Comment | ]

 What a pain in the ass. Steve, my boss, gave me ten-thousand dollars before he took a leave from the company he owned.  He told me he wanted me to make good use of the money. He was gone for three years. I was scared I’d lose his money, so I put it in a safe.  When he returned I gave him back his money.  He fired me cause I hadn’t put his money to use.
 I told people how cruel he was.   I got some sympathy but not a job. …

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[14 Aug 2014 | 4 Comments | ]

Tom had a look of despair; there was no life in his eyes.   He appeared at my office. His beard was unkempt and his unruly brown hair hung down to his shoulders.  His friend Mike had counseled with me and told Tom to see me.
I motioned toward the blue sofa.  “Make yourself comfortable.”
“You’ve got a lot of books,” he said nodding toward the bookcase built into one wall in my office.  “Have you read all those?”
“I’ve had lots of years to read.” I chuckled.
He shifted his position like he was trying to get comfortable.  …

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[6 Feb 2012 | 2 Comments | ]

Ben Franklin taught us that “the early bird gets the worm” to motivate us to rise early in the day to be productive. Some people have misunderstood Franklin’s maxim as threatening scarcity. They misinterpret “the worm” to mean there is only one worm, and that only the first bird will eat. But let me ask you: when have you found only one worm in the ground?
Our nation is suffering economically. We are hurting financially, and this hurt feeds the belief that there is not enough to …

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[26 Jan 2012 | No Comment | ]

If you want prosperity believe in your heart in the goal you want. Want for everyone what you want for yourself– wealth, a love relationship, better health or whatever you desire instead of buying into scarcity. Return more in service value than you are paid in cash value. When you do these things you will realize your goal and increase the prosperity of others.