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The Beach

14 October 2015 No Comment

The Beach

You walk the beach

The sun warms your forehead

A cool breeze caresses your face and ruffles your hair

Soft sand cushions your feet

You smell the sea and taste its salt

Hear the waves breaking and gulls calling

Rollers send long fingers up the beach

Sandpipers scurry to peck where the water recedes


You step over shells and seaweed

Walk inland where the tall grass grows

You follow a path through swaying grassland

Arrive at a large circular clearing

In the middle stands a man in a robe and sandals

You recognize Him

Gazing into His eyes you see tenderness

Acceptance in His quiet smile

You reach your hands out to Him

Gently He takes them in His

A golden light warms your arms and shoulders

Ascends your neck to the crown of your head

The all-knowing eye of your mind opens

The light runs down your spine, fills your lungs with peace

The knot of fear that restricts your breathing softens

The walls around your heart crumble and melt away

The tightness in your stomach relaxes

Your feet unwind and your toes uncurl


Your chest expands like a full balloon

You welcome Jesus into your open heart

He takes you into His

You dwell in Him and He in you

“Send the golden light everywhere you feel pain”

You locate each discomfort, each dis-ease

The Holy Dove alights on every cell

Your body glows as you breathe deeply

Tight muscles relax and your stomach uncoils

Suffering eases and departs

Pain surrenders to joy

Love conquers fear


Your heart has never been so large

Your body floats as you feel at peace

Jesus’ smile gives you courage

You ask Him a question

What do you want to know?

Ask Him now taking the time you need

Listen carefully to remember His answer

You thank Him and He smiles

“I am always here for you

“All you have to do is talk to me

“I will never neglect or abandon you”


You leave the circle and return to the path

Hope conquers your despair, faith your disbelief, wellness your dis-ease

You stroll the beach

It’s sunset

Layers of clouds paint the sky

Pink, orange, yellow, red

The water reflects the blaze

Sky and sea meld

Heaven and Earth are one

You see the light—you live the life—you sing the Hallelujah


© Doug Welpton, M.D.

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